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michelle – san antonio bridal photography.

I am so excited to finally share this bridal session with such a gorgeous and sweet bride – Michelle. We made the trek to the beautiful Missions in San Antonio just for the session and it was so worth it. She is stunning!

Enjoy some of my favorites from the session!


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brittany michelle & andrew allen – austin allan house wedding photography.

Brittany & Andrew had such a magical day! Styled and coordinated by the talented Sanregret Weddings + Events, the wedding was inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream and proved to be romantic and oh so elegant. AND one of the best parties we have ever attended! What a great celebration!

Enjoy some of my favorites!

Talented Vendor Team:
Coordinator – Sanregret Wedding + Events
Ceremony – Hyde Park Presbyterian Church
Reception – The Allan House
Makeup Artist – Betty Lash
Hair Stylist – Delaine Harper
Caterer – 2 Dine 4
Florist – The Last Petal
Cake Artist – Sweet Treets Bakery
Band – The Royal Dukes


001_Brittany&Andrew 003_Brittany&Andrew 002_Brittany&Andrew 004_Brittany&Andrew 005_Brittany&Andrew 006_Brittany&Andrew 007_Brittany&Andrew 008_Brittany&Andrew 010_Brittany&Andrew 011_Brittany&Andrew 012_Brittany&Andrew 013_Brittany&Andrew 014_Brittany&Andrew 015_Brittany&Andrew 016_Brittany&Andrew 017_Brittany&Andrew 018_Brittany&Andrew 019_Brittany&Andrew 020_Brittany&Andrew 021_Brittany&Andrew 022_Brittany&Andrew 023_Brittany&Andrew 024_Brittany&Andrew 025_Brittany&Andrew 026_Brittany&Andrew 027_Brittany&Andrew 028_Brittany&Andrew 029_Brittany&Andrew 030_Brittany&Andrew 031_Brittany&Andrew 068Photographer-Favorite_web 033_Brittany&Andrew 034_Brittany&Andrew 035_Brittany&Andrew 036_Brittany&Andrew 088Photographer-Favorite 039_Brittany&Andrew 038_Brittany&Andrew 040_Brittany&Andrew 041_Brittany&Andrew 042_Brittany&Andrew 043_Brittany&Andrew 045_Brittany&Andrew 046_Brittany&Andrew 047_Brittany&Andrew 048_Brittany&Andrew 049_Brittany&Andrew 050_Brittany&Andrew 051_Brittany&Andrew 052_Brittany&Andrew 053_Brittany&Andrew 054_Brittany&Andrew 055_Brittany&Andrew 056_Brittany&Andrew 057_Brittany&Andrew 058_Brittany&Andrew 059_Brittany&Andrew 060_Brittany&Andrew 061_Brittany&Andrew 062_Brittany&Andrew 063_Brittany&Andrew 064_Brittany&Andrew 065_Brittany&Andrew 066_Brittany&Andrew 067_Brittany&Andrew 068_Brittany&Andrew 069_Brittany&Andrew 070_Brittany&Andrew

hessam & mogdeh – houston wedding photography.

Talk about a fun celebration! Everyone had their dancing shoes on at Hessam & Mogdeh’s beautiful wedding at the Crystal Ballroom. Mixed with how sweet and adorable Hessam & Modgeh are, it made for a perfect evening. So excited for these two!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their day!


Talented Vendor Team:
Venue/Catering – The Crystal Ballroom
Coordinator – Something to Celebrate, Resha Zazueta
Videographer – A&A Video, Ryan Nguyen
Florist – SCF Events, Laura Tran
Cake Artist – Bavarian Cakery, Elaine Potter
DJ – DJ Kamran
Wedding Dress – Houston Bridal Gallery
Bridesmaid Dresses – David’s Bridal
Tuxedos – Overstock
Tents – Aztecs Events and Tents, Hally Stueben

001_Mogdeh&Hessam 002_Mogdeh&Hessam 003_Mogdeh&Hessam 004_Mogdeh&Hessam 005_Mogdeh&Hessam 006_Mogdeh&Hessam 007_Mogdeh&Hessam 008_Mogdeh&Hessam 009_Mogdeh&Hessam 010_Mogdeh&Hessam 011_Mogdeh&Hessam 012_Mogdeh&Hessam 013_Mogdeh&Hessam 014_Mogdeh&Hessam 015_Mogdeh&Hessam 016_Mogdeh&Hessam 017_Mogdeh&Hessam 018_Mogdeh&Hessam 019_Mogdeh&Hessam 020_Mogdeh&Hessam 021_Mogdeh&Hessam 022_Mogdeh&Hessam 023_Mogdeh&Hessam 024_Mogdeh&Hessam 025_Mogdeh&Hessam 026_Mogdeh&Hessam 027_Mogdeh&Hessam 028_Mogdeh&Hessam 029_Mogdeh&Hessam 030_Mogdeh&Hessam 031_Mogdeh&Hessam 032_Mogdeh&Hessam 033_Mogdeh&Hessam 034_Mogdeh&Hessam 035_Mogdeh&Hessam 036_Mogdeh&Hessam 037_Mogdeh&Hessam 038_Mogdeh&Hessam 039_Mogdeh&Hessam 040_Mogdeh&Hessam 041_Mogdeh&Hessam 042_Mogdeh&Hessam 043_Mogdeh&Hessam 044_Mogdeh&Hessam 045_Mogdeh&Hessam 046_Mogdeh&Hessam 047_Mogdeh&Hessam 048_Mogdeh&Hessam 049_Mogdeh&Hessam 050_Mogdeh&Hessam 051_Mogdeh&Hessam 0051_Mogdeh&Hessam 052_Mogdeh&Hessam 053_Mogdeh&Hessam 054_Mogdeh&Hessam 0054_Mogdeh&Hessam 055_Mogdeh&Hessam 056_Mogdeh&Hessam 057_Mogdeh&Hessam 058_Mogdeh&Hessam 059_Mogdeh&Hessam 060_Mogdeh&Hessam 061_Mogdeh&Hessam

friday inspiration – it’s all in the details.


Photos found:

Lover.ly – Chalkboard
Lover.ly – Forks
He and She Photography
Stacy Kokes Photography
Green Wedding Shoes

stratford events styled shoot – texas elegance.

Styled shoots always make my heart happy. I am able to team up with a talented group of wedding vendors and do something just for fun! This was an exceptionally talented group led by Ashlyn with Stratford Events at the beautiful new venue – Ma Maison.

Enjoy some of my favorites!

002_StyledTexasElegance_Web 003_StyledTexasElegance_Web 004_StyledTexasElegance_Web 005_StyledTexasElegance_Web 006_StyledTexasElegance_Web 008_StyledTexasElegance_Web 007_StyledTexasElegance_Web 009_StyledTexasElegance_Web 010_StyledTexasElegance_Web 011_StyledTexasElegance_Web 012_StyledTexasElegance_Web 013_StyledTexasElegance_Web 014_StyledTexasElegance_Web 015_StyledTexasElegance_Web 017_StyledTexasElegance_Web 018_StyledTexasElegance_Web 019_StyledTexasElegance_Web 020_StyledTexasElegance_Web 021_StyledTexasElegance_Web

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