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cletus & meaghan – wedding photography.

This beautiful plantation wedding was so much fun to photograph. Resha with Something to Celebrate did a beautiful job designing this soft, romantic, southern wedding to celebrate these two. Congrats to Cletus & Meaghan!!

Enjoy some of my favorites!


Talented Vendor Team:

Coordinator – Something to Celebrate, Resha
Venue – The Brown Residence
Officiant – Catholics without a Church, Father Milton
Caterer – BB’s Cafe, Brooks Bassler
Cake Artist – Three Brothers Bakery, Jasmine
Bar Service/Alcohol – Maggie Sharp
Florist – Last Petal, Melanie or John
Makeup Artist – Be Radiant, Cynthia
Hair Artist – Keep Calm Hair Salon, Kristi
Music – LG Entertainment, Roe
Tents/Lighting – Shelly Bounds
Comfort Station – First Class Rentals, Frank
Other Rentals – Elegant Beginnings, Alex or Jill
Valet Company – Master Valet Parking, Silky
Shuttle – Sam’s Limousine, Siham
Getaway Vehicle – Henry Moore

001_Cletus&Meaghan 002_Cletus&Meaghan 003_Cletus&Meaghan 004_Cletus&Meaghan 005_Cletus&Meaghan 006_Cletus&Meaghan 007_Cletus&Meaghan 008_Cletus&Meaghan 009_Cletus&Meaghan 010_Cletus&Meaghan 011_Cletus&Meaghan 012_Cletus&Meaghan 013_Cletus&Meaghan 014_Cletus&Meaghan 015_Cletus&Meaghan 016_Cletus&Meaghan 017_Cletus&Meaghan 018_Cletus&Meaghan 019_Cletus&Meaghan 020_Cletus&Meaghan 021_Cletus&Meaghan 022_Cletus&Meaghan 023_Cletus&Meaghan 024_Cletus&Meaghan 025_Cletus&Meaghan 026_Cletus&Meaghan 027_Cletus&Meaghan 028_Cletus&Meaghan 029_Cletus&Meaghan 030_Cletus&Meaghan 031_Cletus&Meaghan 032_Cletus&Meaghan 033_Cletus&Meaghan 034_Cletus&Meaghan 035_Cletus&Meaghan 036_Cletus&Meaghan 037_Cletus&Meaghan 038_Cletus&Meaghan 039_Cletus&Meaghan 040_Cletus&Meaghan 041_Cletus&Meaghan 042_Cletus&Meaghan 043_Cletus&Meaghan 044_Cletus&Meaghan 045_Cletus&Meaghan 046_Cletus&Meaghan 047_Cletus&Meaghan 048_Cletus&Meaghan 049_Cletus&Meaghan 050_Cletus&Meaghan

snippet & ink: january 2015.

So excited to have Rebecca & James’ Three Points Ranch wedding featured on one of my favorite wedding blogs – Snippet & Ink!! Click here to view the full post.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.01.27 PM

kristen & chase – austin engagement photography

Just a few favorites to from a recent engagement session with Kristen & Chase – these two are so sweet together!


001_Kristen&Chase 002_Kristen&Chase 003_Kristen&Chase 004_Kristen&Chase 005_Kristen&Chase 006_Kristen&Chase 007_Kristen&Chase 008_Kristen&Chase 009_Kristen&Chase 010_Kristen&Chase 011_Kristen&Chase 012_Kristen&Chase 013_Kristen&Chase 014_Kristen&Chase 015_Kristen&Chase 016_Kristen&Chase 017_Kristen&Chase 018_Kristen&Chase 20141003KristenandChase118
020_Kristen&Chase 021_Kristen&Chase

steven & emily – houston engagements.

Love these two! We had such a great time capturing engagements for them, they are so sweet together!



003_Stephen&Emily 004_Stephen&Emily 005_Stephen&Emily 006_Stephen&Emily 007_Stephen&Emily 008_Stephen&Emily 009_Stephen&Emily 010_Stephen&Emily 012_Stephen&Emily 013_Stephen&Emily 014_Stephen&Emily 015_Stephen&Emily 016_Stephen&Emily 017_Stephen&Emily 018_Stephen&Emily 019_Stephen&Emily 020_Stephen&Emily 022_Stephen&Emily 023_Stephen&Emily

cynthia & casey – austin barton creek resort wedding photography.

I absolutely loved being a part of Cynthia & Casey’s spring wedding at the gorgeous Rock House at Barton Creek Resort. Coordinated by the talented Brass Tacks Events, every detail was soft, feminine and oh so romantic.

Check out some of my favorites from their day!


Talented Vendor Team:

Coordinator – Brass Tacks Events
Venue – Rock House, Barton Creek Resort
Catering & Cake Artistry – Barton Creek Resort
Videographer – Jillian Jacobs
Florist – Stems Custom Floral
Musicians/DJ – Altared Weddings
Makeup & Hair Artist – Method Hair, Katie


001_Cynthia&Casey 002_Cynthia&Casey 003_Cynthia&Casey 005_Cynthia&Casey 004_Cynthia&Casey 006_Cynthia&Casey 007_Cynthia&Casey 0007_Cynthia&Casey 008_Cynthia&Casey 009_Cynthia&Casey 010_Cynthia&Casey 011_Cynthia&Casey 012_Cynthia&Casey 013_Cynthia&Casey 014_Cynthia&Casey 015_Cynthia&Casey 016_Cynthia&Casey 017_Cynthia&Casey 018_Cynthia&Casey 019_Cynthia&Casey 020_Cynthia&Casey 021_Cynthia&Casey 022_Cynthia&Casey 023_Cynthia&Casey 024_Cynthia&Casey 025_Cynthia&Casey 026_Cynthia&Casey 027_Cynthia&Casey 028_Cynthia&Casey 0028_Cynthia&Casey 029_Cynthia&Casey 030_Cynthia&Casey 031_Cynthia&Casey 032_Cynthia&Casey 033_Cynthia&Casey 034_Cynthia&Casey 035_Cynthia&Casey 036_Cynthia&Casey 037_Cynthia&Casey 038_Cynthia&Casey 039_Cynthia&Casey 040_Cynthia&Casey 041_Cynthia&Casey 043_Cynthia&Casey 044_Cynthia&Casey 045_Cynthia&Casey 046_Cynthia&Casey 047_Cynthia&Casey 0047_Cynthia&Casey 048_Cynthia&Casey 049_Cynthia&Casey 050_Cynthia&Casey 051_Cynthia&Casey

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