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brittany michelle & andrew allen – austin allan house wedding photography.

Brittany & Andrew had such a magical day! Styled and coordinated by the talented Sanregret Weddings + Events, the wedding was inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream and proved to be romantic and oh so elegant. AND one of the best parties we have ever attended! What a great celebration!

Enjoy some of my favorites!

Talented Vendor Team:
Coordinator – Sanregret Wedding + Events
Ceremony – Hyde Park Presbyterian Church
Reception – The Allan House
Makeup Artist – Betty Lash
Hair Stylist – Delaine Harper
Caterer – 2 Dine 4
Florist – The Last Petal
Cake Artist – Sweet Treets Bakery
Band – The Royal Dukes


001_Brittany&Andrew 003_Brittany&Andrew 002_Brittany&Andrew 004_Brittany&Andrew 005_Brittany&Andrew 006_Brittany&Andrew 007_Brittany&Andrew 008_Brittany&Andrew 010_Brittany&Andrew 011_Brittany&Andrew 012_Brittany&Andrew 013_Brittany&Andrew 014_Brittany&Andrew 015_Brittany&Andrew 016_Brittany&Andrew 017_Brittany&Andrew 018_Brittany&Andrew 019_Brittany&Andrew 020_Brittany&Andrew 021_Brittany&Andrew 022_Brittany&Andrew 023_Brittany&Andrew 024_Brittany&Andrew 025_Brittany&Andrew 026_Brittany&Andrew 027_Brittany&Andrew 028_Brittany&Andrew 029_Brittany&Andrew 030_Brittany&Andrew 031_Brittany&Andrew 068Photographer-Favorite_web 033_Brittany&Andrew 034_Brittany&Andrew 035_Brittany&Andrew 036_Brittany&Andrew 088Photographer-Favorite 039_Brittany&Andrew 038_Brittany&Andrew 040_Brittany&Andrew 041_Brittany&Andrew 042_Brittany&Andrew 043_Brittany&Andrew 045_Brittany&Andrew 046_Brittany&Andrew 047_Brittany&Andrew 048_Brittany&Andrew 049_Brittany&Andrew 050_Brittany&Andrew 051_Brittany&Andrew 052_Brittany&Andrew 053_Brittany&Andrew 054_Brittany&Andrew 055_Brittany&Andrew 056_Brittany&Andrew 057_Brittany&Andrew 058_Brittany&Andrew 059_Brittany&Andrew 060_Brittany&Andrew 061_Brittany&Andrew 062_Brittany&Andrew 063_Brittany&Andrew 064_Brittany&Andrew 065_Brittany&Andrew 066_Brittany&Andrew 067_Brittany&Andrew 068_Brittany&Andrew 069_Brittany&Andrew 070_Brittany&Andrew

hessam & mogdeh – houston wedding photography.

Talk about a fun celebration! Everyone had their dancing shoes on at Hessam & Mogdeh’s beautiful wedding at the Crystal Ballroom. Mixed with how sweet and adorable Hessam & Modgeh are, it made for a perfect evening. So excited for these two!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their day!


Talented Vendor Team:
Venue/Catering – The Crystal Ballroom
Coordinator – Something to Celebrate, Resha Zazueta
Videographer – A&A Video, Ryan Nguyen
Florist – SCF Events, Laura Tran
Cake Artist – Bavarian Cakery, Elaine Potter
DJ – DJ Kamran
Wedding Dress – Houston Bridal Gallery
Bridesmaid Dresses – David’s Bridal
Tuxedos – Overstock
Tents – Aztecs Events and Tents, Hally Stueben

001_Mogdeh&Hessam 002_Mogdeh&Hessam 003_Mogdeh&Hessam 004_Mogdeh&Hessam 005_Mogdeh&Hessam 006_Mogdeh&Hessam 007_Mogdeh&Hessam 008_Mogdeh&Hessam 009_Mogdeh&Hessam 010_Mogdeh&Hessam 011_Mogdeh&Hessam 012_Mogdeh&Hessam 013_Mogdeh&Hessam 014_Mogdeh&Hessam 015_Mogdeh&Hessam 016_Mogdeh&Hessam 017_Mogdeh&Hessam 018_Mogdeh&Hessam 019_Mogdeh&Hessam 020_Mogdeh&Hessam 021_Mogdeh&Hessam 022_Mogdeh&Hessam 023_Mogdeh&Hessam 024_Mogdeh&Hessam 025_Mogdeh&Hessam 026_Mogdeh&Hessam 027_Mogdeh&Hessam 028_Mogdeh&Hessam 029_Mogdeh&Hessam 030_Mogdeh&Hessam 031_Mogdeh&Hessam 032_Mogdeh&Hessam 033_Mogdeh&Hessam 034_Mogdeh&Hessam 035_Mogdeh&Hessam 036_Mogdeh&Hessam 037_Mogdeh&Hessam 038_Mogdeh&Hessam 039_Mogdeh&Hessam 040_Mogdeh&Hessam 041_Mogdeh&Hessam 042_Mogdeh&Hessam 043_Mogdeh&Hessam 044_Mogdeh&Hessam 045_Mogdeh&Hessam 046_Mogdeh&Hessam 047_Mogdeh&Hessam 048_Mogdeh&Hessam 049_Mogdeh&Hessam 050_Mogdeh&Hessam 051_Mogdeh&Hessam 0051_Mogdeh&Hessam 052_Mogdeh&Hessam 053_Mogdeh&Hessam 054_Mogdeh&Hessam 0054_Mogdeh&Hessam 055_Mogdeh&Hessam 056_Mogdeh&Hessam 057_Mogdeh&Hessam 058_Mogdeh&Hessam 059_Mogdeh&Hessam 060_Mogdeh&Hessam 061_Mogdeh&Hessam

friday inspiration – it’s all in the details.


Photos found:

Lover.ly – Chalkboard
Lover.ly – Forks
He and She Photography
Stacy Kokes Photography
Green Wedding Shoes

stratford events styled shoot – texas elegance.

Styled shoots always make my heart happy. I am able to team up with a talented group of wedding vendors and do something just for fun! This was an exceptionally talented group led by Ashlyn with Stratford Events at the beautiful new venue – Ma Maison.

Enjoy some of my favorites!

002_StyledTexasElegance_Web 003_StyledTexasElegance_Web 004_StyledTexasElegance_Web 005_StyledTexasElegance_Web 006_StyledTexasElegance_Web 008_StyledTexasElegance_Web 007_StyledTexasElegance_Web 009_StyledTexasElegance_Web 010_StyledTexasElegance_Web 011_StyledTexasElegance_Web 012_StyledTexasElegance_Web 013_StyledTexasElegance_Web 014_StyledTexasElegance_Web 015_StyledTexasElegance_Web 017_StyledTexasElegance_Web 018_StyledTexasElegance_Web 019_StyledTexasElegance_Web 020_StyledTexasElegance_Web 021_StyledTexasElegance_Web

skylar – austin senior portrait photography.

These pictures of Skylar are particularly special to me – Skylar has been working with me for over a year and I could not be more thankful. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is super sweet and talented. To celebrate her huge accomplishment of graduating from UT, we decided a few photos were in order. :)

Enjoy some of my favorites!


001_Skylar 002_Skylar 003_Skylar 004_Skylar 005_Skylar 006_Skylar 007_Skylar 0007_Skylar 008_Skylar 009_Skylar 010_Skylar 011_Skylar 012_Skylar 013_Skylar 014_Skylar 015_Skylar

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