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Unique wedding decor trends for your Austin Wedding

Unique Wedding Decor Trends To Inspire Your Austin Wedding


May 26, 2023


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These unique wedding decor trends are IN for 2023! As a wedding photographer, I love seeing how the industry shifts and what new ideas couples come up with over time. From the return of bold color to custom dance floors and DJ booths, there’s plenty to look forward to as peak season approaches. If you’re getting started with planning, I hope these decor trends inspire you! Plus, discover what else is trending in the wedding world this year.

Custom Dance Floors

Your dance floor is the focal point of your wedding reception, so why not choose one with a bit of flair? In the past, dance floors were all boring parquet or basic tile, but today’s couples want to think outside the box. From floral motifs to monograms, the sky’s the limit! A custom dance floor will set the stage for your reception and give the entire space an upscale look and feel. Hayli and Brett included both their monogram and a floral pattern for their wedding at Omni Barton Creek. It really took their reception to the next level!

A custom floral dance floor for a wedding at Omni Barton Creek in Austin, Texas Unique wedding decor ideas: Custom dance floor

Bold, Colorful Floral Design

Couples are investing extra into gorgeous floral design in 2023. Bold color and maximalism are also trending, so florists are piling on the color and texture to create inventive installations and centerpieces! Moreover, couples want to take a more sustainable approach and incorporate local blooms. Florists are following suit, and more are offering local wildflowers—a popular accent choice to replace ever-classic greenery! I love how Anna and Jacob chose bold bridal party dresses, while Audrey and Brandon chose hanging greenery and a wildflower cake.

Hanging florals and greenery are another popular trend that adds height to any space and creates a one-of-a-kind look. It’s a perfect design pairing with farm tables, so your guests don’t have to dodge massive floral centerpieces to see each other! Colorful, patterned bud vases are also increasingly popular in keeping with the maximalism trend.

Unique wedding decor trend: Colorful flowers Hanging greenery at a tented wedding at Matties Green Pastures in Austin Colorful outdoor wedding in Austin, Texas

Unique DJ Booths

Huge, unsightly DJ booths are a thing of the past! While the plain black booths take a backseat, we’ve seen a rise in customized booths with patterned overlays and custom monograms. My favorites are mirrored options or ones incorporating a custom neon sign (a great way to combine two trends in one!). Meg and Cal added lots of greenery, and disco balls, to their DJ setup.

Unique wedding decor trend: fun DJ Booths

Taper Candles

While tea lights will always be a classic, this trend is about incorporating dozens of candles around your reception space. While some venues have regulations, most will allow you to bring tapered candles in glass vases. These candles are also a great way to incorporate accents of bold color since they come in virtually every shade of the rainbow!

Unique wedding decor trend: candlelight

Voicemail Guest Books

Companies like After the Tone and FêteFone have been at the forefront of this fun trend! At most weddings, guests never remember to sign the guest book. However, voicemail guest books turn this forgettable portion of the evening into an entertaining activity for your guests that also leaves you with dozens of memorable keepsakes. Every message saves digitally, while some companies even offer vinyl records to store your loved ones’ messages and advice. Not to mention that the phone is an adorable addition to your decor, coming in colorful, vintage-inspired options!

Voicemail Guestbook for an Austin Wedding

Baby’s Breath

Although bold colors are trendy, neutrals are timeless. Baby’s-breath is the answer for couples who aren’t huge fans of color but want to bring textural elements into their design. That’s right—it’s no longer just a filler flower! Recently it’s become a staple at weddings, from large installations to dainty bud vases. You can even dye this versatile flower if you prefer a hint of color!

Unique wedding trends: baby's breath for Austin weddings Unique wedding trends: baby's breath for Austin weddings

Frosé Cart

Who doesn’t love frosé? Especially in the Austin heat, a cart with cool and refreshing beverages is a must-have addition to your unique wedding decor. Choose 1-3 flavors for your guests to enjoy during cocktail hour or before your ceremony as everyone arrives! Frosé is also a perfect option for a signature cocktail since you can customize each beverage with coasters, straws, stirrers, and even edible flowers.

Unique wedding decor ideas: Frose Cart for an Austin Wedding

Ceremony Stage

Your ceremony is the centerpiece of your wedding day, so why not elevate the occasion with a stage? Your guests will love this detail because it gives everyone, even those in the back, a fantastic view of you and your partner exchanging vows. Plus, the design of your stage is another opportunity to make your day stand out! This ribbed design with a marble floor was so elegant.

Outdoor wedding ceremony at Omni Barton Creek in Austin

Neon Signs

What could be more fun than a neon sign? These pieces of cocktail hour and reception decor are endlessly customizable. The sky’s the limit, from your last name to your wedding hashtag! Plus, you can take it home as a wedding keepsake once the celebration’s over.

Neon signs for an Austin wedding

Curtain Lights

If you’d like to feature unique lighting at your outdoor reception, look no further than curtain lights! These are simple to install over long tables like Penelope and Bryan did, but they make a stunning impact.

Unique wedding decor trend: curtain lights


Balloons are a great way to add color to your design, and they can cover a large area at a relatively low price point. Cover the ceiling with them as a budget-friendly alternative to a hanging floral installation, or use them to create a massive photo backdrop. For Hannah and Stieler’s wedding, they added lights inside the balloons, and it made for such a cool experience during the dancing!

Unique wedding decor trend: balloon ceilings for a wedding reception in Austin

Trees as Reception Decor

While flowers are a classic choice, trees are another unique wedding decor trend! Plant nurseries have started renting large, potted trees to local couples. This statement-making addition to your reception space will breathe life into any design. Green trees are the most popular choice, but citrus trees and flowering varieties are also a fun option for couples who can’t get enough color!

Large trees and greenery for a wedding reception in Austin, Texas - at The Arlo

Beer Burros

Here’s a trend that all Austin couples can get behind! Beer burros add distinct Texas charm to any wedding. These adorable pack donkeys will arrive at your event, greet guests, and pass out drinks or snacks. Don’t worry—they only carry small, lightweight packs!

Beer Burros at a wedding in Austin, Texas

Unique Wedding Decor Inspiration

I hope you’re feeling inspired by these unique wedding decor trends for 2023! Remember, while trends are fun, the most important thing is remaining true to yourself. Your wedding should feel like you and your partner, through and through!

I would love the opportunity to connect with you and capture your one-of-a-kind love story. From Austin to any destination you can imagine, I’m here to communicate your special moments through beautiful, heartfelt images! Let’s get started.