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Business Coaching

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Business Coaching for Photographers + Creatives


Are you a photographer struggling to balance shooting and editing with actually growing your business?

Do you feel like you’ll never have enough resources to get the help you need?

Maybe you’re struggling to find the time to work on your business, as opposed to working in your business.

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to other, more ’successful’ photographers, only to find yourself stuck between finding your own style while wanting to be like someone else?

Many photographers don’t know how to shoot more weddings, and grow their business, while still balancing a personal life without totally burning out.

I get it — when I started my photography business just over a decade ago, I began with a deep passion for photography, a little bit of knowledge and a vibrantly strong will to work hard to achieve my business dreams. I worked harder than I ever had before, and no matter how hard I worked, I felt like I could always do more. What I lacked was the education from the photographers and business owners on how to be successful and the experience to know where to be spending my time to yield the most results.

Today, I shoot over 25 weddings a year with plenty of time to focus on growing my business and taking care of my family. My business is thriving, and I’m here to help other photographers do the same.

Whether you are in the process of starting your business, honing your photography skills, figuring out how to market & brand yourself, or finding your ideal client, I’m here to help. I offer a variety of coaching services — from single coaching sessions to ongoing coaching programs.

If you would like to learn more, please book a free 15-minute discovery call here or send me a note here!