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How To Build Your Community as a Wedding Photographer

How To Build Your Tribe

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January 23, 2019

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Being a one-woman show can get lonely. When you work for yourself, and from home, you can spend hours (and days!) without another person to talk to. This is why it is so important to build your tribe! It is important to have a group of people around you that are motivated, happy, and share the same lifestyle. There are some easy ways you can get out there and meet people!

In my Freebie, How To Shoot 25+ Weddings a Year And Thrive, I dive deeper into this topic, as well as go over 7 ways to thrive in your business. It’s not just about your business thriving, but about you!

How To Build Your Tribe | Julie Wilhite Photography

  1. Set up a monthly or weekly coffee meeting

One of the best ways to build your tribe is to be consistent. Set up a weekly, bi weekly, or even a monthly meeting with those in your community. Maybe you get together at a coffee shop to do work. Or maybe you meet up at a local dessert place for an evening of laughs and good food. By keeping this ritual going month after month, you are able to build more connections, and also give yourself something to look forward too!

  1. Join local networking groups

To find more people to connect with, join networking groups. Most cities have groups of wedding vendors you can connect with. Look up groups on Facebook, or ask vendors you know if there are local groups with monthly meetings. Another great option are Tuesdays Together. These monthly meetings by the Rising Tide Society are offered monthly in many major cities, and allows local creatives to get together, and discuss a different topic each meeting.

  1. Engage and support others

It’s not just about in person meetings! It is important to engage and support those in your tribe. Read their social media content, comment on it, and support their new endeavors. If you know someone is doing a giveaway, or offering a new product, share it! By supporting others, you are building a family of connected people.

  1. Collaborate

No matter what industry you are in, there are always so many different companies in it! If you are in the wedding industry, there are photographers, bridal boutiques, hair and makeup artists, and cake designers. To build a sense of community, collaborate with each other! You can do a styled shoot, where you cross-promote each other. Or you can do something as simple as a guest blog post. Sharing the work of your peers can help you connect to a broader audience, while also making new connections.

This year, make a promise to yourself, and to your business, to grow your tribe. When you thrive, your business will thrive too. There is no substitute for in person communication! Make 2019 a year of growth, and community. And if you haven’t already, download my guide to get you started!