When I started my photography business just under a decade ago, I started with deep passion for photography, a little bit of knowledge and a vibrantly strong will to work hard to achieve my business dreams. I remember being starved for education from other photographers and business owners on how to be successful and how to create a business I could be proud of. It’s been a process of learning from others, creating my own way and finding the balance. I still have this bold desire to grow myself (and try to everyday) although over the course of owning my own business, I have gained knowledge that I wish I had when starting.

Through my business journey, I have found that I love to help and inspire people–especially creatives. And while I may not know everything, I have found it fulfilling to help people reach higher in order to fulfill their own dreams. I can confidently offer my insight and knowledge to help engage your creativity and business savvy. Whether it is the beginning process of starting your business, honing your photography skills, marketing & branding, working with your ideal client – I love it all. If any of these topics interest you, I send out a questionnaire to each individual I work with to learn specifically where you are in your business and what would be the most beneficial for us to discuss during your session. Each of us are in different milestones of our business journey and I want to help you right where you are!

If you would like to learn more, please send me a note here!